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“In my day, buildings were built on a handshake!” These were the words of Mr A Radaelli, the father of one of my friends who ran a very successful construction business.

He went on to say how he blamed lawyers and the advent of the copy machine as the downfall of honour! “If any term or condition did not stand between the four corners of a piece of paper, they did not exist and this was used to squirm out of honourable performance” he said.

These words made a HUGE impact on my life and when Mr Radaelli committed suicide as a result of being hoodwinked time and time again in his business dealings with dis-honourable people, they became indelibly inscribed in my mind and honour and “my word” become the code I live by. If my word is worth nothing, then so am I


I started flying aircraft in 1974 and stopped flying in 1982, during which time I was fortunate to have owned and operated seven aircraft, the biggest of which was a King Air.

I was also very fortunate to have flown some of the world’s wealthiest and famous people which gave me a further character building experience. I found that the people, who are SOLELY motivated by money, are decidedly miserable people. People, who love what they do, and do it with passion, money not even featuring as a motivating factor, are unbelievably happy and beautiful people to which money gravitates.


I remained a confirmed bachelor until the age of 32, at which stage, due to the cheating I had witnessed in almost all marriages I knew of, I was convinced that I would never get married - then I met Hillary whom I married without even thinking twice. Prior to our marriage, she asked me how I could guarantee that I would remain faithful and I told her that she has my word and that time would tell. I am proud to say that after being together for 30 years, we love each other the same as when we were courting and there has never been, nor could there ever be, anyone to take her place. I am proud to say that my word has stood the test of time.

I am the father of two beautiful children, Brandon and Shada whom I have instilled the same doctrines – honour your word, never be motivated by money, but love and do whatever you do to the best of your ability and money will gravitate to you.


In 1978 I started a transport Company with the name of Transaf Roadrunners (Pty) Ltd with one Scania horse.

Due to dedicated performance, within a year, I was able to buy out Interstate Hauliers (Pty) Ltd which owned 36 horses and rented trailers to suit the load.

I soon built this Company into operating 136 rigs of which it owned the original 36 horses and 100 brand new trailers for which I subcontracted horses.

Operating mainly in Africa, I became acutely aware of the importance of tyre inflation and the monumental costs incurred if the pressures were not correct.

Over the years, I constantly envisaged a system that could provide the driver with a very early warning of a pending problem and eventually, I was able to overcome tremendous technical challenges and built this world first device which I called the N-Tyre Solution.

Here is the website: http://www.n-tyre.co.za/

Here are some articles that appeared about the system.





A more detailed explanation of the development of N-Tyre can be seen at: http://www.n-tyre.co.za/about-us/


Deloitte & Touche Award

"T" Systems Age of Innovation and Sustainability Award

Here I am with Minister Ben Ngubane receiving this coveted award.

S.A.B.S. Design Institute Award

Here I am with Minister Ben Ngubane receiving this coveted award.

NewsPaper Impression

I was fortunate enough to have a very flattering front page articel that carried the headline "Hail the next Mark Shuttleworth."


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