My Letter to Mr. Chitombo

When I closed up a flight school that I had taken over (Aeroprecision c.c.) I sent the following letter to the father of a student who put in R 198 000 into the school for his son’s training, MONEY WHICH I DID NOT RECEIVE, NOR WAS I TOLD ABOUT!!!! I honoured this debt and allowed him to fly AT MY EXPENSE together with another 8 students amounting to R 405 000 IN TOTAL. I should have closed the school then and started a new one, but I did not, I chose to do the honourable thing.

This is a letter that supports my claim about my word:

Dear Mr Chitombo,

Out of every one ever associated with Aeroprecision, (and who stand to lose money as a result of my decision to close the school) you are the one person that I can look in the eye with complete pride and say that not only have I saved you most of the money that you had paid to the school, but that I have also, more than likely saved your son’s life!

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that if I did not take over Aeroprecision from July 1 2011, it could never have continued, in which case all the money in Tendai’s account would have been lost. I was lied to and grossly mis-represented to by Chad Markham, the previous owner of the school who said that the student credits amounted to between R 28 000 and at most R 35 000 – it was over R 400 000!!!! He said that there was no money in the bank – it was R 100 000 in overdraft!!! He said that the debtors amounted to no more than R 25 000 – it was the order of R 75 000!!!

The unfortunate part was that I had to take him at his word simply because he claimed that all records were on the computers which were confiscated by the S. A. Police due to charges laid against him by the CAA.

After I bought computers and captured all the data, the correct business decision would have been to close the school immediately at that point and cancel / sue Chad Markham. I had two other alternatives, one to close down the school and start a new one; in which case I would have started life in aviation with R 600 000 worth of enemies! The other was to honour all the commitments that the school had (which were not disclosed to me), take the losses and hold my head high. As you are aware, I chose the latter, but unfortunately it was this decision that drained my available finances to the point where I can no longer sustain the school.

I am hopeful that I shall make sufficient funds in my other business to invest more money into the school in order to keep it operational in the hop that it will eventually be able to sustain itself financially. I will keep you informed of this status during the next month.

In the meantime, may I suggest that Tendai concentrate on completing his exams and we can see what the near future brings.

Best Regards,


Paul Johnson

I have known Kevin since the article appeared in the Edenvale Bdfordview News and I am afraid to say that, as well as the article is written, It would take a book (at least the size of the Bible) to fully describe this incredible man and what a positive influence he has had on my life and others that I have had the privilage of introducing to him.

A true scholar and a gentleman!

Max Prinsloo

I am very proud to say I am part of the Investors with Kevin.

I have visited Kevin and the workshop, it is very impressive, and very promising.

I can just recommend Kevin to everybody

Tyrone Erasmus

I have had the privilege of working with Kevin for the past 2 years.

When I met Kevin I had the opportunity, not only to work with him, but also to form a personal friendship, where Kevin has shown his "True Colours' of being a Proud, Passionate family man and, one of Ambition and Drive

Kevin has the amazing ability to strive for and, encourage all opportunities with a clear business mind where he believes in Quality over Quantity and has developed a excellent product, that is

second to none in the Trucking and Transport industry

It has been such a privilege to be in the company of a man of such qualities and, to be involved in such a Lucrative product and company such as N-Tyre.